AS1530.1 Certified | Versatile | Lightweight | Material of the Year 2017

Jesmonite is quickly becoming the premier choice for contemporary artists, designers, architects and sculptors alike. It’s the most versatile sculpting & building material available.

It’s lightweight properties, along with the fact it can replicate even the finest of details makes Jesmonite the go to material for today’s sculptors & designers.

Being AS1530.1 certified, Jesmonite is also the premier choice to meet Australian Government facade and cladding standards.

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Jesmonite is the ultimate chameleon material of the building industry – it can be used to replicate the appearance and texture of any surface finish in any number of colours.

The combination of natural raw materials with a special blend of water based pure acrylic polymers create a unique family of materials that have a number of product benefits that make Jesmonite superior to other building materials.

Cladding & Facade Solutions

AS1530.1 Non-Combustible

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