Casting With Jesmonite

Casting With Jesmonite - Jesmonite is made up of two components, a liquid acrylic compound that binds a gypsum powder. The resulting mixture acts much like plaster for 24 hours or so then hardens to acrylic like properties. 

Jesmonite is ideal for covering large foam sculptures by itself or, to add extra strength, along with our Quadaxial Fabric.

Due to Jesmonite being a water based compound, all of the usual protective equipment necessary when working with G.P resin and fibre-glass is not required. Although a mask and goggles are a good idea when mixing any powder or liquid.

Coating polystyrene sculptures or foam core designs with Jesmonite will result in a durable, exterior shell, which can then be sanded or painted dependenant on requirements.

Jesmonite is very strong, weatherproof and highly durable. It is also non-combustible with AS1530.1 Australian certification.

Jesmonite is ideal when making large or load bearing structures, particularly when used with polystyrene as a core due to it being lightweight when compared to alternatives. This keeps the weight to a minimum whilst not compromising on structural integrity.

It's also suitable for making children’s toys and interactive sculptures where conventional resin and fibre glass usage would be unsuitable.

Jesmonite is also easier and less harmful to sand and finish making it quicker and safer to achieve a professional looking surface.

Casting Material  Casting With Jesmonite

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