Jesmonite vs Ecrylimer | Why Jesmonite is Better

Jesmonite vs Ecrylimer | Why Jesmonite is Better

Frustrated at paying really high prices for Ecrylimer?

Wondering what you can use instead of Ecrylimer?

Maybe you want to make candle holders without the risk of the holder catching fire!

If you’re looking for the highest-quality, eco casting material, then look no further than Jesmonite!

Let's be clear, Jesmonite IS NOT an alternative to Ecrylimer - Jesmonite is a far superior product in a different league to Ecrylimer!

Want to get creative with Ecrylimer but frustrated by its high prices for small quantities? When it comes to getting creative, you want to spend more time having fun with your designs than worrying about your bank balance – and ideally, you’re looking for something that is of the highest quality available.


  • Cheaply Produced
  • Inferior Quality
  • Not Classified As Non-Combustible, No Official Testing Conducted
  • Expensive - Ecrylimer 3.5kg Kit $84.95 vs Jesmonite 3.5kg Kit $67.10
  • Less Versatile
  • Bubbles
  • Not Waterproof
  • Less Strong
  • MSDS Only Available On Request
  • Small Stock Quantities At Hand


  • Superior Quality
  • Classified As Non-Combustible To Australian Standards AS1530.1
  • Made in State Of The Art Production facility
  • Less Expensive
  • More Versatile - Replicates the finest details whether that be cloth, paper, wood, leather, anything!
  • No Bubbles When Initially Brushed In
  • Waterproof Without Sealing - Check Out The Under Water Museum in The Maldives!
  • Stronger - Officially Tested To Have a Strength of 58MPA!
  • MSDS, TDS & User Guides Readly Available
  • Large Stock Quantities - Everything from KG's to Tonnes in stock

Shop all Jesmonite products here!

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