Facade Cladding Solutions

AS1530.1 Non Combustible Facade Cladding

Jesmonite® AC730 is classed as Non-Combustible when tested in accordance with AS1530.1-1994.

Using our Jesmonite raw material, using our in-house manufacturers HGN Design, we’re able to produce cladding systems that are lighter than concrete, high impact resistant & most importantly, non-combustible.

Jesmonite® AC730 is a polymer based, Grade 18 GRC which is supplied as a pre-mix material, some of the benefits of the material are:

  • Fire-resistant with a class zero fire rating
  • Reduced smoke density & toxicity
  • Can replicate appearance & texture of any surface
  • Solvent free with no VOC’s
  • Achieves over 90% of its ultimate strength in the first 24hrs
  • A superior de-mould time during production compared to traditional materials mean less moulds are required 
  • Shrinkage compensated material of low permeability
  • Durable in all conditions of external weathering
  • Reduced free-lime content, with low alkalinity, leading to major reductions in efflorescence in comparison with ordinary Portland cement systems

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