Solid Jesmonite Surfaces That Look Like Crumpled Fabric

AC100 jesmonite ac100

Artist Florence Sweeney creates beguiling solid surfaces that look like frozen moments of crumpling fabric.

Jesmonite offers the perfect alterative to more hazardous materials such as concrete, which can be tricky to work with.

As she explains, it’s not just the ability to mould and colour the material that makes it so perfect for her work;

“Prior to discovering Jesmonite I was using materials such as concrete and plaster of Paris. Both materials can be a nuisance as they’re irritants to the skin and are not really as durable. Jesmonite being a water based product its far cleaner and environmentally friendly to have in the studio and less chance of burning my hands! I was using concrete with wire and fibreglass which just isn’t as strong as the Jesmonite and quad axial glass mesh which have allowed me to use less material and create more definition.” 

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