Calum Hurley Uses Jesmonite To Create Lifestyle Products For The Home

jesmonite ac100 Jesmonite Terrazzo Designs terrazzo

Graduating from University of South Australia’s Bachelor of Interior Architecture with a focus on human experience; Calum has since undertaken pursuits in furniture, object, and installation design. Working from JamFactory’s Furniture Studio in the Associate Training Program, Calum is working to create a range of lifestyle products for the home.


"Using Jesmonite AC100 has enabled me to explore colour and finish, as well as allowed me to incorporate a more sustainable side to my practice. Recent works like 'Window Vain' and the 'Serve' duet utilize industry specific by-products mixed with Jesmonite to create terrazzo style finishes. In 'Window Vain', a vanity mirror, I have used amber glass bottles that once housed Skin Care products, whilst with 'Serve', which contains a food and a wine server, these both utilise reclaimed wine bottles. In products like 'Hold, Please', I have followed the same terrazzo style, but have used purely Jesmonite, in different colours, to achieve the same effect."

Below are some of Calum's recent designs;

'Hold, Please', 2019
Jesmonite, Steel, Mirrored Glass

A wall mounted door-side mirror, "Hold, Please" hosts everything your pockets have carried around all day. Keep your phone, keys, wallet, coins and post in one place to prevent another frantic search for essentials on your way back out; also, check your hair.

Jesmonite AC100

Jesmonite AC100 Terrazzo

'Window Vain', 2019
Jesmonite, Reclaimed Glass, Steel, Mirrored Glass

Vanity mirror intended for use by those applying makeup and skin care products. Referencing a classic arched window, Window Vain conceptually plays with the wording of “windowpane” and the idea, and celebration, of vanity. Acting as a window would for one to gaze out of, or into, whilst reflecting light and the users' appearance. Shelf utilises byproducts of the beauty industry in the form of amber glass, looking to incorporate what would otherwise be discarded into part of a functional product.

Jesmonite AC100

Jesmonite AC100

'Serve, Food' + 'Serve, Wine', 2019
Jesmonite, Reclaimed Glass, Walnut

Using reclaimed blue glass from gin and wine bottles the 'Serve' duet is designed to promote interaction and act as a social centrepiece. 'Serve, Food' is a large circular serving platter, which looks to serve fine cheeses and all that would accompany. 'Serve, Wine', hosts four coasters and space for a wine bottle to sit both horizontally or vertically. Each features an element of food safe Walnut.

Jesmonite AC100


You can see more of Calum 's work by visiting

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