Further shipping delays

Due to the current UK shipping, container and HGV crisis, along with ongoing Covid related delays and production backlog, we are still working hard to get your orders here and sent out asap.
Please see dates below;
If you placed an order before 1/7/21 and have still not received it, we apologise. There has been a shortfall in material. These will be sent out on our shipment received on 5th Jan 22.
Orders placed from 1/7/21 - 10/8/21 were due to arrive at the end of October. Due to an unforeseen shipping, HGV driver and container crisis in the UK along with a production backlog, this shipment is now due to arrive 5/1/22. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.
Orders between 10/8/21 & 2/9/21 will be due on the shipment arriving 5/1/22.
Orders placed from 3/9/21 to 2/11/21 are due at the end of January 2022.
Any further orders will be unlikely to arrive before March 22.
As all material is currently made to order, we are unable to issue refunds if you change your mind.
(note: this does not affect your consumer rights, if you find your product is faulty a refund can be issued)
Due to the sheer volume of orders we are unable to respond to every email and call regarding individual orders. If your address has changed please send an email and we will pick this up and change accordingly.
We thank you for your patience & your business during these trying times.
Jesmonite Australasia