Designers Choose Jesmonite

London Design Fair Names Jesmonite As Their Material of the Year

We are very pleased to announce that London Design Fair has name Jesmonite as their Material of the Year.

Here's what they had to say about Jesmonite;

"Few things unlock the creativity of a designer more than a material. The in-depth exploration of how a material can be used or how a material is created is all part of the process - the joy of design. 

For 2017 we are putting a material in the spotlight.

We thought long and hard, and finally, our ignorance yielded our decision. Over the last twelve months, we have most often been surprised to find that Jesmonite has been the medium for some of the most vivid colour displays and fine detail in the products we have been most intrigued by.

Jesmonite is the ultimate chameleon material of the building industry – it can be used to replicate the appearance and texture of any surface finish in any number of colours. 

The combination of natural raw materials with a special blend of water-based pure acrylic polymers create a unique family of materials that have a number of product benefits that make Jesmonite superior to other building materials."


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